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Article How do I get my domain name password?
To retrieve the password for all domains, an email will be sent out to the contact email address on that domain.For .au domain names registered...
Views: 2007
Article What is DNS propagation?
DNS propagation refers to the time that it takes between pointing your domain name to a new server, and the rest of the internet seeing that...
Views: 1985
Article How do I renew my domain?
All domains can be renewed through our billing system at you receive a domain expiration...
Views: 1936
Article How do I upgrade or downgrade my plan?
To upgrade or downgrade your hosting package, simply contact our sales department at
Views: 1917
Article I've already paid my invoice! Why am I still getting emails about it?
If paying an invoice through a manual method (Direct Deposit), it will generally take 2-5 business days for the payment to clear and be applied to...
Views: 1913

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