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Article Are there any hidden costs, or setup fees or contracts with web hosting packages?
There are no hidden costs or lock-in contracts, some plans have setup fees.
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Article Can I host multiple domain names? What are add-on domains?
Selected hosting packages can support multiple domain name hosting at no additional cost. (The...
Views: 983
Article Can I host my friends on my hosting?
Yes, you can host your friends.
Views: 915
Article Do I need a domain name for my website?
Yes, a domain name is required for your web site to function. Web hosting and domain names are...
Views: 968
Article Do you allow sites to advertise for money on their web site with banners, ads, etc?
Yes, we allow sites to have commercial advertisements and banners. We do not place our own...
Views: 932
Article Do you have examples of sites that you host?
Yes, we have a list of sites we host on different servers available here.
Views: 970
Article Do you host pornographic web sites?
No, we do not allow pornographic web sites, mainly because it lowers the overall security of our...
Views: 1001
Article Do you offer SSH (shell access) or terminal services (remote desktop)?
IPMedia does not offer SSH or terminal services access on our shared hosting plans, as it lowers...
Views: 944
Article I am registering a domain name and the online order form is constantly telling me "invalid telephone number format" or similar.
Please ensure you have entered your telephone number in the domain name registration/billing...
Views: 890
Article Is GST (goods and sales tax) included in the advertised price?
GST is included in the advertised price and our order form will charge GST for Australian...
Views: 919
Article What are sub-domains?
Sub domains are domain names which point to a subdirectory within your main hosting account and...
Views: 964
Article What are your server specifications, network and data centre information?
More information about our server specifications, network and data centre is available here:...
Views: 963
Article What happens if I exceed my monthly data transfer for the month?
We do not charge for additional monthly data transfer. Our system will email you when you have...
Views: 953
Article What happens if I require more features than the highest plan available?
We do offer custom plans once you exceed the limits of the highest package we offer. Keep in...
Views: 931
Article What operating systems do your servers use?
Our servers currently run Redhat Linux Enterprise Version 4 (Linux). For more information about...
Views: 1002
Article Where is IPMedia Web Hosting located?
IPMedia operates in Australia. IPMedia's head office is located in Brisbane, Australia.
Views: 997
Article Why are your prices so cheap?
IPMedia sells domain names and web hosting by volume and automation, which allows us to make web...
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