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Article How do I setup Microsoft Outlook?
1. Open Microsoft Outlook.2. Click Tools -> Account Settings.3. Select the Email tab and then...
Views: 890
Article How do I setup Thunderbird?
1. Open Thunderbird.2. Click Tools -> Account Settings.3. Click Add Account and select Email...
Views: 852
Article How do I setup Windows Mail?
1. Open Windows Mail.2. Click Tools -> Accounts.3. Click the Add button.4. Select E-mail...
Views: 845
Article Is there a limit to the number of messages I send?
Yes, there is a fixed limit of 500 email messages per hour per cPanel account. Any emails that...
Views: 837
Article Why can I recieve mail but not send it?
There are two common problems which will cause sent mail to fail.The first is when your ISP...
Views: 827

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